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Established in 1989

Owner Bruce Burnett has been a certified massage therapist for 24 years. He noticed that almost without fail, his clients tended to complain, a lot, about the mattress they slept on. Taking the cue, Bruce began studying the history of mattress manufacturing and the various brands available. It was clearly high time that someone opened a store that actually knew about mattresses and which ones would be the best to provide healthful sleep. Bruce worked for a number of mattress companies including Serta and Sealy and saw the business from the inside. Armed with what had become a a terrific understanding of the industry, Bruce approached a number of vendors and began to arrange "special purchase" products where he could provide his customers not only with great sleep products, but at values often as much as 80% below the suggested retail of those sleep systems. And thus Dreamland Discount Mattress was born!


Dreamland Discount Mattress specializes in getting you a great night's sleep for far less money than regular retail. We arrange special purchases of all new line merchandise with full factory warranties and we do it for less. Owner Bruce Burnett has 20 years experience at getting you the good night of rest you need while saving money. "Your Good Night's Sleep Is Our Business". We also carry a line of Eco-Friendly mattresses with features like Bio-Soy Foam encasing, latex, organic bamboo and cottons. Stop by today for a fabulous deal. If you are a teacher or in the military, the police or fire departments, remember to ask for our "Hometown Heroes" discount. It's our way of saying thanks to the people that give their all to help everyone!

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